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Frustrated about the Austrian dialect?

Did you ever feel lost or frustrated because you couldn't understand the Austrian dialect?

Gemma heit' foat?


Learn understanding the Austrian dialect

Knowing the most typical characteristics of the Austiran dialect will help you to better undersand it.

Do we go ...

Gehen wir

skip e rule

wir > mia rule


... out?

r > a rule

Gemma heit' foat?

skip e rule

eu > ei rule


... today ...

Gemma heit' foat?

Gehen wir

heute fort?

Learn speaking the Austrian dialect

Being aware of those characteristics/rules allows you to apply to your own Standard German and to sound more Austrian. 


a > o rule


Yes of course! Count me in!

-ich > -i rule

Ja klar! Ich bin dabei!

Gemma heit' foat?


a > o rule

r > a rule

Jo kloa! I bin dabei!

Discover the differences across regions

Get to know the particularities of the spoken language and learn the different pronunciations of the Austrian dialect across regions.

a lot of








Practice the Austrian dialect

Take advantage from the free online dialect workshop to get a first feel for the Austrian dialect and also the interactive exercises to practice your pronunciation

Online Dialect Workshop

Learn the basics of the Austrian dialect during an online workshop (via Zoom). No costs and no strings attached. The next workshops will start in October 2020. Join in!

Personal Coaching

Learn the typical characteristics of the Austrian dialect and practice more in-depth through interactive exercises  through personal coaching using WhatsApp.  We define together a framework based on your needs.


In-house Training

Help your international employees to better understand the Austrian dialect and to feel more integrated in the Austrian culture. We define together an in-house training based on your needs.

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