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About me

I am an ESN alumni, and spent many years mentoring exchange students in Austria, helping them to feel welcomed and integrated. I also experienced being an expatriate myself in the U.S. and France, and know the hardships as a non-native if it comes to not being able to understand the spoken language of the locals. You feel lost in translation, frustrated, and at times even excluded. 


Since I am passionate about languages, and especially the dialect in Austria, I have initiated this project, and designed practical rules and exercises that help non-natives to get a better understanding in the Austrian dialect. 


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Making non-natives feel integrated and welcomed in Austria.


Making the Austrian dialect accessible to non-native speakers by helping them to understand the most common characteristics in the Austrian dialect.


Austrian dialect is everywhere.

Austrian locals naturally speak in a dialect.

Austrian dialect is difficult.

Difficult to understand, and even more difficult to learn.

Austrian dialect is exclusive.

Even with a good level of German, non-natives feel frustrated, lost in the spoken language and at teimes even excluded.


Typical Characteristics

knwowing these characteristics helps you to better understand.

Interactive Exercises

sharpen your pronunciation skills to speak like an Austrian.

Hands-on Workshops

a learning experience adapted to your needs.



the unwritten rules of the Austrian dialect.


better the spoken language in Austrian


rules on your own German to sound more Austrian


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